Rochester Police Officer John Soures ID'd at Pepper Spraying of Child

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The Open Oversight project has identified one of the Rochester Police officers involved in the pepper spraying of a 9 year old girl as 26 year old John Soures (see link to profile above this article). We have been doing some research of our own to verify this information and to our surprise found out that Officer Soures has a very small online footprint. Besides the Open Oversight profile we could find just two other pages on the internet linking anyone by the name of John Soures to the Rochester Police Department (RPD), but those pages are enough to convince us that there is in fact a RPD officer who goes by the name John Soures and that officer was caught on camera at the scene of the pepper spraying of a 9 year old black girl. Those pages include a page from GovSalaries saying that in 2020 one John Soures made $43,621 as a patrol officer for the city of Rochester ( and a page listing Bald for Bucks participants from the RPD (

The image above clearly shows a man with the name "Soures" on his uniform. That image is a screenshot taken from the video below. We originally misidentified Soures as having appeared on the scene earlier than he actually did. That was because Officer Alexander Lombard appeared on the scene early on. Lombard was wearing an identical RPD beanie and has similar facial hair as well as other features. We could not see Lombard's nametag until one of our users posted the exact timestamp at which it was visible. From that we were able to determine that Soures was not involved until later.

When we first wrote about this case and asked the public what the names of the officers are, we based our conclusions on a different video ( That video shows more of the pepper spraying and handling of the girl while she was in the back seat of the patrol car, but it does not show the names of any of the officers on their uniforms the way that the video below does. That is why we never noticed his name before.

In addition, we can hear one of the officers refer to another officer by name at about 5:25 of the second video ( by asking, "Bradstreet what's her name?" From that we can conclude that the last name of one officer is Bradstreet or something of different spelling and similar pronunciation. Open Oversight has a profile for one Adam K. Bradstreet ( We believe that to be the officer referred to by name in the video. We will follow up this article with separate piece dedicated to Bradstreet in the near future.

We would like to thank the anonymous online tipster that emailed us with these names and screenshots. Those emails inspired us to look at the video below and re-analyze the other video.

UPDATE: This article has been corrected now that Officer Alexander Lombard has been identified as arriving on the scene at the time we first believed that Soures arrived. That was due to a striking similarity in appearance between Lombard and Soures as well as the fact that we were not able to read Lombard's name on his uniform at first. We apologize for the confusion.

This post has been updated now that Alexander Lombard has been identified as the sprayer who was wearing a beanie identical to Soures' beanie earlier in the video.

nms91 Says:

Sorry maybe I was looking in the wrong spot, I just wanted to see who was involved in those minutes from 5:50 - 7 and the only two I saw was a skinny cop with a beanie and no facial hair and a cop with facial hair with no beanie (he is the one who picks up the body cam) so I was just curious who those two were. Hopefully there will be more information released!

Here is the post on Bradstreet that we were saying we would add to the site later. Now is later

nms91 - There is more than one officer wearing a beanie in that video. One does not have facial hair or the name Soures on his uniform, but the other has facial hair, the name Soures on his uniform, and the letters RPD on the beanie. I believe the one you are thinking about is a fatter man whose beanie has nothing written on it.

nms91 Says:

Awful but I paused video in 0.25x speed, the officer is not J Soures... the officer in the video does not have facial hair.

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