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Jordan Daniel Schutte Wanted Poster: has created a wanted poster of Pettis County Sheriff's Deputy Jordan Daniel Schutte hoping to help the people of Sedalia, Missouri find justice for Hannah Renee Fizer. Hannah was shot five times after being pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. The PCSO claimed that the shooter fired after she threatened to shoot him, but no gun was found in the car. Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond said that his department stopped wearing body cameras years ago and there is no dash cam footage, but the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) received a video from a local business that has yet to be released. None of their descriptions of that video describe Hannah doing anything that could possibly justify shooting her, but despite that no deputy has been arrested, suspended, or otherwise disciplined. The law enforcement community in Sedalia, Pettis County, and MSHP officers that work in those areas are a tightly knit community that protects their own. On July 8, 2020 (3 days ago) Hannah's father posted the name of the deputy that he was 99.9% sure shot Hannah on his Facebook page and that name is Jordan Schutte.

Since his name was released other members of the Fizer family have also stated that he is the man that killed Hannah. We believe them. They seem to have multiple sources confirming this that they feel are reliable enough for them to finally name a prime suspect. has followed this case very closely and does not believe that the family would just throw out a name on whim without good reasons. We believe they leaked the name knowing that it was probably one of the only ways to put more pressure on law enforcement to do the right thing. Despite three days going by, Kevin Bond has yet to issue a statement denying that Schutte is the killer, that is a sharp contrast to the quick denial he issued when some people were circulating a different name on social media the week following the shooting. By all accounts it appears that Jordan Schutte has skipped town and he certainly has not made any public statements about the case despite being named. Those are not usually the actions of an innocent person.

Jordan Schutte is the son of Denny Schutte, a respected law enforcement officer and member of the local Masonic Granite Lodge that passed away in 2007. Kevin Bond has been with the PCSO since 1986 before Jordan Schutte was born, so he has probably known Schutte all of his life. Now he appears to be covering for his old buddy's kid because that is what they do there ( We hope that this wanted poster help raise awareness of this problem and hopefully help Kevin Bond do the right thing instead of threatening people (

The wanted poster itself contains a description of a 35 year old heavy set white man with brown hair, brown eyes, and unknown height. The poster further states:

"Pettis County Sheriff's Deputy Jordan Daniel Schutte, 35, wanted for the brutal murder of Hannah Renee Fizer, 25, on June 13, 2020. He is believed to be heavily armed and extremely aggressive. His tactics are believed to include shooting unarmed women in their vehicles and skipping town while the department cleans up his messes. Do Not Approach Him. If seen, maintain your distance, and immediately begin recording all of his actions." - Jordan Daniel Schutte Wanted Poster

Deputy Schutte was reinstated earlier this month

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