Reform Police Officer Dana Elmore Caught Tasing Handcuffed Black Man

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Reform Police Officer Dana Elmore was caught on camera a few days ago tasing an unarmed handcuffed black man. She is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The victim in this case, 24 year old Micah Washington, is currently being held in the Pickens County Jail on a king's ransom of $505,000 for facing several charges all of which allegedly stemmed from Elmore contacting Washington when he was trying to change a tire.

This author feels Washington's pain. I was tased by U.S. Marshals five years ago but fortunately only one of the prongs stuck. It didn't hurt too bad so I was able to keep resisting efforts to make me wear a belly chain to court. Normally people don't wear restraints in federal court because there are plenty of Marshals just in case you flip out. I didn't like the optics so I made things difficult for them. While it is true that I was resisting, I've seen cases of innocent people tased for doing nothing wrong. Most notably attorney Marcus Mumford was tased in court while pleading for the release of his clients after they were acquitted ( Law enforcement officers use tasers on innocent people all the time.

According to public records, Dana Elmore has gone by several different names in the past most likely due to failed marriages. Her oldest records are voter registrations dating back to 1997 when she registered as Dana Michelle Fleming with an address in Gordo, Alabama. In 2008 she was linked to a business record under the name Dana Massey. These days she appears to go by the name Dana Elmore with her last known residential address belonging to a beachfront house on the Tombigbee River.

Spike55 Says:

That pig should have been fired on the spot!!! What a ***** ** ****!!!!

UPDATE: The NAACP is calling for the dropping of the charges against Micah Washington and for charges to be filed against Dana Elmore. Good luck but probably will not happen.

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