Sharon Hill SRO Tyler Humphreys Charged with Raping Children

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Tyler Humphreys, a school resource officer (SRO) with the Sharon Hill Police Department (SHPD) has been charged with raping three kids aged nine, fifteen, and nineteen between 2014 and 2022. Humphreys was a school resource officer with the Sharon Hill Police Department at the time of his arrest, and before that, he worked part-time for the Folcroft Borough Police Department.

An investigation was launched in November 2023 after Pennsylvania State Police received reports of suspected child abuse. The investigation revealed three victims of Humphreys' abuse. A 9-year-old was forced into sexual acts multiple times from 2014 to 2018 in East Whiteland Township. A 15-year-old girl was reportedly raped by Humphreys after he intoxicated her, and this occurred while she was unconscious in Charlestown Township. A third victim, a 19-year-old female, reported an assault in East Whiteland Township that happened between November 25, 2022, and December 2, 2022, and also disclosed previous abuses dating 2014 through 2018.

Humphreys was released after posting a $275,000 cash bail and awaits a preliminary hearing. Investigation into the case continues, with plea for additional information from the public. We don't know what his official status with the SHPD is at the moment but he is likely suspended pending the outcome of the case during which time he may or may not be getting paid. Obviously, paid leave would be outrageous since it would amount to the police violating their oath to protect and serve by paying a child molester's legal bills.

According to public records, Tyler J Humphreys is a 21 year old resident of Malverne, Pennsylvania. The last known home address we could find for him was 2002 Conestoga Road. We are making that address available because we think it is in the public's best interest for people to know where people facing these kinds of charges are in the community. Surely parents in his area should appreciate that information. However, the address could be outdated seeing as how we have no boots on the ground to see if he is still there. Please show your appreciation for our research by not approaching the property or harassing him at all.

NOTE: Media outlets including the one we are citing as our source have been erroneously misspelling his last name as Humphries. We knew something was wrong when we did a background check for Tyler Humphries and found no candidates for being this guy. Then we ran one for Tyler Humphreys and found someone the same age living in the same city as the above named individual. For that reason we believe that Humphreys is the correct spelling.

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