State Quack Dr. Alan Newman Can't Tell Jeremy Christian Has ASD

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State expert quack witness Dr. Alan Newman can't tell that Jeremy Christian is Autistic. His conclusions are not a big surprise despite the fact that they sound shockingly incompetent to anyone that really knows Jeremy Christian. I diagnosed him with Asperger's Syndrome before the doctors did based on living in the cell right next to him for several months, having AS myself my entire life, and knowing about my diagnosis for over 15 years. I could tell that he was also on the spectrum. His niche interests in free speech and collecting thousands of comic books screams AS to anyone familiar with it. His social struggles are typical of people on the Autism spectrum and his dual diagnosis of PTSD explains his behavior on the Max.

Dr. Alan Newman only spent a few hours with Jeremy Christian and he went into those hours with an agenda. That agenda being to find anything about him that is inconsistent with ASD. Anyone that knows anything about ASD will tell you that meeting one person on the spectrum means you met someone on the spectrum. That is because people with ASD differ greatly from person to person. Comparing two people with ASD will result in shocking similarities and differences. Any quack can examine someone on the spectrum and find things inconsistent with others on the spectrum. Dr. Newman says Jeremy has anti-social personality disorder (ASPD) but his testimony points to no evidence that debunks the ASD diagnosis he received from other experts and really identifies nothing proving he as anti-social personality disorder. Prison doctors are quick to diagnose ASPD because it justifies not treating people. People with ASPD are not medicated and are therefore cheaper to take care of in custody. They also use the ASPD diagnosis to justify longer sentences for people. The medical staff at MCDC tried to put that diagnosis on me despite being diagnosed with AS by every real doctor that has ever evaluated me. These state quacks are just that, quacks.

He was right about Jeremy watching political shows on the TV. He knew I didn't like CSPAN so he would watch Tucker Carlson, Democracy Now, or the news when I was on walk with him. He also liked watching old episodes of "Walker Texas Ranger" because of how corny it is.

he also liked old episodes of Seinfeld

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