mfpdx Sending Tweets to the Police Trying to Get Us Into Trouble

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Been getting a bunch of angry Tweets lately from mfpdx on Twitter. Now this guy has gone a little over the edge trying to snitch us out to the Portland Police by publicly Tweeting them. I say "trying" because we are not breaking any laws, the police watch this site already, and he is not telling them law enforcement does not already know.

He seems to think that by going to to court and reporting what we see there truthfully we are "rw radicals." Reporting the truth about the case of Jeremy Christian does not make us right wing radicals. This guy has suggested at times that we were targeting Micah Fletcher for going to protests or Demetria Hester for being black. That is not true. We targeted Micah Fletcher for his behavior on the Max and his statements in court. Statements in which he admitted committing a felony against Jeremy Christian by trying to scare him off the Max (coercion in violation of ORS 163.275 in which it is a felony to attempt to force someone to do something hey have a legal right not to do under threat of physical injury). We targeted Demetria Hester because she lied about what happened on the Max the day before the Jeremy Christian stabbings. Hester had said that Jeremy threw a bottle at her and that was why she maced him. Turns out she was macing him as he walked away from her and then he threw the bottle at her.

mfpdx seems especially butt hurt about posts mentioning Micah Fletcher's actions and testimony. This makes us wonder what the "mf" in "mfpdx" stands for. It would not surprise us if "mf" stands for "Micah Fletcher." PDX of course stands for Portland.

Today we found out that we were not far off. The account does not belong to Micah Fletcher, but it does belong to his mother Margie Fletcher. We found that out while working on a letter to Jeremy Christian and recalling the time we suspected mfpdx of being Micah or a relative of his. This author casually looked up Micah Fletcher using a background check service and noticed that his mother's name shares the same initials. Then I clicked on her name and noticed that her information included email addresses featuring similar handles. Then I looked in the section titled "Possible Social Profile Matches" which features a direct link to mfpdx on Twitter.

For the reasons outlined above I believe that mfpdx is in fact Margie Fletcher.

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