Jeremy Christian Decides Not to Be a Rat and He Has Friends

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Jeremy Christian decided not to become a rat today by telling Judge Cheryl Albrecht that he won't be testifying in his own defense. He cited fear of what would happen to him in prison if he became a rat as the reason. That was a good call. It shows that when Jeremy has time to think he can make the right choice. If he were to take the stand and testify that other people committed crimes against him, that would be used against him in prison. He would be viewed as someone that gave incriminating information to law enforcement and the court. With other people willing to say those things on his behalf he does not need to risk life in protective custody to show that he felt the need to defend himself.

People that know him personally took the stand today and described the man I did time with. They, like me, don't recognize the man they see on the news. Marcia Hoy testified, "I saw the news, but I don't recognize that person," and Crystal Mawson described him as a kind person that was changed by prison. I personally recall doing time with Jeremy and he was one of the better people I did time with. I enjoyed playing basketball with him every week and watching TV with him in the 4B housing unit at the Multnomah County Detention Center. He was the kind of person you could count on for a loan if the staff screwed up your commissary order. He did not seem racist at all and the only way I could see him stabbing three people is if he were scared and did not have time to fully process the situation.

It sounds like Autism runs in his family, that is no surprise. He needs to be treated for his condition and given a chance to live life knowing why he is the way he is.

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