Before They Were Famous: Jeremy Christian Tipped Strippers with Comics

Elle Stanger - Kit Kat Club
Elle Stanger - Kit Kat Club
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Before he was famous, Jeremy Christian tipped strippers at the Kit Kat Club with comic books in Portland, Oregon. This was funny at first but Jeremy being the provocateur that he is, he didn't stop until they finally 86'd him from the club. He told me the story with his own mouth when I was his neighbor at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC). He would go to the club after selling comic books outside of Powell's Books up on Burnside not far from where he boarded the Max on the day of the stabbings that made him famous. One day he bought a beer, sat at the stage, asked the dancer if she liked comics, and tipped her with a comic book. Then he kept doing it day after day until finally they had enough and banned him from the club.

If I recall it reached a point where he would get drunk before going in there just to save money. Then he would stumble in and start handing dancers comic books that nobody wanted to buy from him.

I had forgotten about this story for the most part until I noticed a Tweet from a stripper named Elle Stanger in which she said, "Jeremy Christian used to harass the dancers downtown at my other club, got kicked out a bunch and had threatened others that he was going to stab them. This was not a self-defense incident when he attacked those people on the MAX." Stanger has a podcast and website called "Strange Bed Fellows" and she has written for the Huffington Post a couple times. She has made a name for herself writing about things from the perspective of an adult entertainer. On one of her web pages she mentions working at the Lucky Devil Lounge, but does not list any other clubs on any of her pages that I have seen, so I am guessing that her "other club" is the Kit Kat Club.

I have attempted to contact Ms. Stanger for more information. Hopefully she will confirm my suspicions, but it wouldn't surprise me if she just gets creeped out by being contacted by someone claiming to know Jeremy and does not respond to my inquiry.

The Kit Kat Club isn't always about strippers either. This video shows that the Ed Forman Show is hosted there sometimes. Coincidentally, he had me on as a guest in 2009 when he did a show at Dante's Inferno about the internet. I was promoting a different website at the time. He got me drunk and made me the butt of jokes, but overall I had a good time and would do it again. I wouldn't waste a comic book tipping him for his pole dance though.

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