BOP Warden William Lothrop Admits Staff Failed to Adjust Restraints

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Documents recently produced in response to a lawsuit against the United States by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) reveal that a former warden at the United States Penitentiary in Victorville, California (USP Victorville) admitted that Lt. Scott Williams should have had a staff member adjust the restraints of an inmate before leaving him in an "observation" cell in Special Housing Unit (SHU) in 2015. The United States is being sued under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) for among other things battery and torture overseen by the now deceased former SHU Lieutenant. The incident involved an inmate being left in bone tight restraints for over an hour and being forced to walk to medical in excruciating pain. The restraints were not loosened until after Physician's Assistant Brigitte Wolverton asked that they be loosened because in her words they could not "be moved." Her exact words were "can you loosen this? This can't be moved."

In an After Action Review Report then Warden William Lothrop wrote, "Lieutenant should have had an additional staff member adjust restraints." He also criticized Lt. Williams for conducting the video debriefing in a loud area and recommended he receive more training about how to conduct a debrief. Lothrop's decision to order more training to reduce ambient noise in debriefing videos and not to keep guards from applying restraints too tight just shows how little regard Lothrop has for the pain and suffering of inmates.

Lothrop is now believed to be the SES Warden at the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix, Arizona (FCI Phoenix). The picture uploaded with this report showed up on a social media page associated with searches for "Bill Lothrop." Since there are only 4 results and this obviously looks like the picture of a BOP staff member we think it is of him. Lothrop's profile on the social media site has no image at this time.

Other staff members in the chain of review of that report include Captain Roan McCollough, Associate Warden Amy Boncher, and Ladrew Price from medical. Price worked primarily as a drug mule and was passing out pills after the incident. He looked at the blood of the inmate on the floor and wall of the F-Range hallway, asked the inmate whose blood he knew it was if it was his, and sarcastically said that he was not aware of anything happening that could have caused it. Price basically implied that he knew what caused it but was denying anything happened. It is not known what role McCollough and Boncher played beyond being in positions where they were supposed to review after action reports.

Video of the incident and medical exam exists, but due to a protective order we cannot upload it at this time.

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