Freight Broker Live Host Steve Oatley Condones Violence on Camera

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Freight Broker Live host Steve Oatley was caught on camera tonight condoning violence on his stream "You're Favorite Freight Broker: Live PD." He started out as he usually does saying that he does not condone violence, but then changed his tune after counter protesters arrived at a Black Lives Matter protest in Springfield, Oregon. Eventually he switched from Adam Costello's live stream to himself and said "I do not condone violence" while shaking his head up and down signaling yes with a cheesy grin on his face. He then repeated himself while shaking his head from side to side signaling no with the same cheesy grin. The message that most reasonable people would receive from that in the context in which it was made was that he condones violence as long as it is against Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrators.

To better demonstrate the context, you can see some footage from when counter-protesters supporting the police showed up right before Steve made his comments. In the minutes before the footage starts there was a bunch of yelling and shoving between the two that included one person putting hands on Costello's camera. Mr. Oatley has repeatedly made statements during his live streams encouraging police to attack protesters in Portland, Oregon and other parts of the country. This is the first time we have noticed him do that when the people using violence are counter-protesters and not police. The video should be embedded below unless he filed another frivolous copyright complaint against us.

This whole thing started with him censoring our comments on his stream even though he claims to welcome all views. We then did a background check on him and dug up an old mugshot that he did not know existed (pictured above). We posted the mugshot along with other information about him. His response according to him was to file a police report, contact the FBI, and call law enforcement agencies in Oregon even though he lives in Florida. We did not commit any crimes against Mr. Oatley. All we did was publish publicly available information about him, repeatedly criticize him publicly for his public statements, and send him a couple of respectfully worded completely non-threatening emails.

Mr. Oatley's behavior is consistent with reports of him or his followers' behavior that we have received from others. One local independent media company says that their Facebook page was unpublished due to frivolous complaints from his followers. One local live streamer accused his followers of doxxing him or her and trying to get him or her fired. We do not know what role if any Mr. Oatley personally played in those activities.

Also, Mr. Oatley responded to our first publication by falsely accusing a live streamer of being involved with it. That streamer sent us a picture of that accusation and you can see part of it pictured above with Mr. Oatley.

Finally, Mr. Oatley also falsely accused the founder of Cop Blaster of having federal charges for stalking and extorting women. Our founder has never been convicted of stalking or extortion. He was convicted of making threatening communications to a deranged stalker that was stalking him, posting his social security number online after it was intentionally and unlawfully leaked to her through a court file by local law enforcement, doxxing his relatives when she could not get to him directly, and even swatting one of his relatives by placing a false 911 claiming that she was being held hostage in that relative's home which caused the police to respond in force ready for an armed confrontation (see Pre-Sentence report where the writer called all those activities "acts to which a reasonable person might resort under similar circumstances," at in which the circumstances were him refusing to delete statements someone else made on a website he owns).

You can follow Adam Costello's stream at

I have been following and cataloging steves videos for awhile. Im making a tik tok series about him and stumbled ON THIS?! I had so much content cued up, and THIS?! HOLY CRAP. MR. FREE SPEECH?! MR. "IM GONNA DONATE to..." Mr. "IF I WOULDA BEEN THERE..." I hope its ok if I share your work. But NOW this whole new story arc calling his kids teacher too stupid to teach his kid because she was in special ed in her very young school days, being sued by lexxus nexxus, selling his whole life away in FL to bet on starting his own media Corp...only to be reaping the karma he deserves and losing viewers. Now that he cant play the RUN song and cheer on brutalizing protesters, his attempts at making other content are laughable. i think he spends more money on equipment be doesnt know how to use.

I find it hypocritical of Steve to point the finger at me at me for supposedly profiting off last night's killing in Portland when his media company profits far more and he himself has been actively blowing dog whistles for pro-police people all summer. I try to look at the facts and go where I think they will take me. That is how I end up supporting people like Kyle Rittenhouse and Black Lives Matter at the same time. In a matter of days I find myself getting the same types of threats from totally different people just because reporting evidence how I see it with my own eyes does not fit the public narrative of political ideologies.

For more see the first post about him at

Since Steve continues his campaign of frivolous copyright complaints on YouTube we have embedded a copy of the footage from a different source.

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