Was Deon Kay Shot in the Back While Fleeing D.C. Police?

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18 year old Deon Kay was shot dead today by police in Washington D.C. and now people are taking to the streets demanding justice for Deon, but are they jumping the gun? Deon's aunt can be seen in the video below saying that they shot Deon in the back while he was running away in a park. The police are saying that their body cam footage is under review, that they responded to a report of guns in the area, two suspects tried to flee, one of them allegedly "displayed" a firearm, and he was shot dead. We find it suspicious that the police are saying "displayed" a firearm as if they say he had it but did not point it. The law requires that they make their body cam footage available within 5 days, so time will tell if he was shot in the back while fleeing. We are not aware of any eye witnesses that actually saw the shooting besides the officers involved.

As an 18 year old man, Kay had the right under the 2nd Amendment to bear arms, so why were the police hassling him in the first place? If someone calls 911 saying that someone has a gun in a public place they are not reporting a crime. Absent more evidence the correct assumption that police should make when given information like that is, an American adult is exercising his or her 2nd Amendment rights, so there is no need to send an officer to investigate what sounds like lawful activity.

Kay was known to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights. Someone even posted a video on Instagram or Kay exercising his right to bear arms (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yNcT2LYNws). That does not in any way justify stopping him in the park because possessing a gun is not a crime. So far it looks like all he was guilty of was being a black gun owner.

UPDATE: A frame by frame analysis of the body cam footage shows that Kay threw the gun before he was shot https://copblaster.com/blast/25948/deon-kay-shooting-video-shows-kay-threw-gun-before-shots-were-fired

LevonJackson84 - Where can we find the police report?

Love what yous doing here but you gotta get your facts straight or it will only hurt the movement by looking silly! "We find it suspicious that the police are saying "displayed" a firearm as if they say he had it but did not point it." this quoting NewsWeek article NOT the po-lice report. Also the 911 call was for a man brandishing a gun not a man with a gun. You should be arguing for the use of nonlethal weapons and better gun control in our urban cities.

In the video Deon Kay's aunt had a very good question. Why couldn't they have shot him in the leg? That would have stopped him from fleeing and probably would not have killed him.

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