Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Outed as Prolific FBI Informant

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Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio a.k.a. Henry Tarrio Jr. was outed today as a FBI informant by Reuters. In the video below investigative reporter Aram Roston discusses the findings if his investigation into Tarrio. Those findings include federal court cases in which he worked as an undercover informant for the FBI and helped send several people to prison.

In 2012 Enrique Tarrio was arrested and later pleaded guilty to fraud. Tarrio and his co-defendants had been relabeling stolen diabetes test kits before selling them. At his sentencing hearing in 2014 Tarrio's attorney Jeffrey Feiler asked for a reduced sentence because his client had gone undercover and helped prosecute over a dozen people for drugs, gambling, and human trafficking offenses. The feds alone brought charges against 13 people in two separate cases based on information obtained from Tarrio. Feiler said of Tarrio "at his own risk, in an undercover role met and negotiated to pay $11,000 to members of that ring to bring in fictitious family members of his from another country," Tarrio later acknowledged to Reuters that his fraud sentence had been reduced from 30 months to 16 months, but when asked about his history as an informant he said, "I don't recall any of this."

Former federal prosecutor Vanessa Singh Johannes recalled enough to tell Reuters, "he cooperated with local and federal law enforcement, to aid in the prosecution of those running other, separate criminal enterprises, ranging from running marijuana grow houses in Miami to operating pharmaceutical fraud schemes." United States District Judge Joan A. Lenard also recalled Tarrio's cooperation, telling Reuters, "Tarrio provided substantial assistance in the investigation and prosecution of other persons involved in criminal conduct."

This revelation should serve as a wake up call for the Proud Boys who now find themselves under more law enforcement scrutiny than ever before due to the incident at the Capitol Building on January 6th. On top of that Tarrio himself was already facing new criminal charges for burning a Black Lives Matter banner and possessing two high capacity magazines. The burning of the BLM banner is just a misdemeanor, but the gun charges are enough of a threat to get someone like Tarrio to spill his guts. Especially now that the whole world knows he is a snitch. If he gets convicted of being a convicted felon in possession of two high capacity magazines he will have to do time in prison as a rat. Rats typically end up in the hole the entire time for their own protection. In the hole they are let out of their cells just one hour a day, can only use the phone once a month, can only have visits via a video monitor, and have limited access to commissary. On top of that they are almost always ignored by medical staff and case managers. They walk around with targets on their backs unless they can make it to a protective custody yard. To get to a protective custody yard they typically have to get run off several normal yards first, snitch on people that run them off, wait up to six months for a transfer, and hope they finally get sent someplace where they are allowed in general population. A prolific snitch like Tarrio is likely to do whatever he can to avoid that fate.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmate locater ( has a record for one Henry Tarrio age 36 who assigned the inmate number 98721-004 and released on December 12, 2014. That name and age match other public records for the Proud Boys leader whose real name and age have been in the public realm for awhile now. We found an address on NW 61st in Miami but that appears to be his parents' house so we are not posting it due to a lack of confidence as to his current whereabouts, but we do believe due to media reports that he still lives in the Miami area. There are many arrest records linked to his name according to the public records database we searched his name in. Most of them are theft charges from the mid-2000s. The others appear traffic related.

Just sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for "seditious conspiracy" due to his involvement in the January 6, 2021 "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington D.C.

As a rat he has the right to request protective custody which he will certainly do. If they send him to a good yard he will leave on a stretcher, so he will have to spend his time in solitary until classification sends him to a protective custody yard. He should do alright at a PC yard full of rats, sex offenders, and other messed up dudes.

Enrique Tarrio is on CNN right now admitting to being a snitch. He justified snitching in one case on the ground that the FBI wanted him to snitch on his brothers in another case. He decided that snitching on some other poor sap was better than snitching on his brothers and agreed to cooperate in that case.

He said he was in a "tough position" but that does not change the fact that he is a stone cold rat.

sgmG Says:

They want YOU to think they're BAAAAD!

Donkeypeters Says:

I real piece of trash. These dudes should never get any Pusey ever again. They should be denied a piece. Lol

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