Officer Nathaniel Lawrence Arrested for Sex Assault on Minor

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Current Jail Address:
3201 Hwy 6
Waco, Texas 76502
Nathaniel Lawrence Arrest Record:

Bruceville-Eddy Police Officer Nathaniel Lawrence is in the McLennan County Jail for sexually assaulting and prostituting a minor. Police say they were contacted by staff at McLane Children's Hospital last week about a boy in their care that they believed had been receiving financial compensation for sexual acts performed on adults. They boy told them about a man he met using an app on his phone this past Thanksgiving. He said that the man drove him to a desolate road and sexually assaulted him. That man was Officer Nathaniel George Lawrence of the Bruceville-Eddy Police Department.

Investigators found a smoking gun when the boy let them inspect his phone during the hospital interview. On that phone they found a message from Lawrence asking the boy "when can we hoop-up again?" Investigators then got permission from the boy to impersonate him and use his phone to communicate with Lawrence. During those communications Lawrence repeated his desire to have sex with the boy.

We do not know the exact age of the boy, but we do know that Lawrence is 32. According to public records, Nathaniel George Lawrence owns a home at the following address:


TEMPLE, TX 76502

We are listing his home address as a public service for his neighbors and those passing through that area. Usually we redact officers' home addresses, but we make exceptions in cases involving sex crimes. We ask that you not use this information for any unlawful purposes.

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