Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy Suspended for Shooting Black Man

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Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy has been suspended after shooting black man for holding a cell phone. The shooting took place yesterday (December 22nd). Body camera footage released by the Columbus Police Department and broadcast on several news broadcasts (see video below) clearly shows 47 year old Andrew Hill holding what was obviously a cell phone as he exited a garage. Neighbors had called police about seeing a suspicious person turning an SUV on and off in that garage who they could tell was not the home owner. What they could not tell was that Hill was an invited guest of the home owner.

After shooting Hill, Officer Coy did not attempt CPR or otherwise render first aid despite Hill being in obvious pain. Instead Coy just left him laying there until medics arrived at least six minutes later. Hill later died at the hospital.

This is not the first time that Officer Coy has faced misconduct accusations. In 2003, Officer Coy had nine complaints filed against him, four of which in just one month. He was ordered to undergo counseling.

In 2012, the city of Columbus settled a lawsuit filed by a man that Coy pulled over. Video footage from Coy's dash camera shows him violently bang a man's head against the hood of a vehicle while he was arresting him for drunk driving. The city paid the man $45,000.

Reporters trying to reach Officer Coy for comment claim to have discovered a brank new "no trespassing" sign at his house. We believe that house to be located at 257 West State Street in Milford Center, Ohio. We ask that nobody use that information for any criminal purpose. We do however encourage peaceful demonstrations. We are exempting Officer Coy from our usual courtesy of not posting home addresses of cops because of the heinousness of his crime, the obviousness of his guilt, and the fact that he refuses to talk to journalists that have knocked on his door.

According to public records his full name is Adam Carl Coy, he is 44 years old, he has had several hunting permits, registered to vote without specifying a political party, and appears to be associated with a day care business called Lil Tykes Learning Childcare that is run at his home. We assume that the child care business is probably his wife's, so if you must make your voice heard there please leave her and any kids alone.

UPDATE: Today (12/28) Adam Coy was officially fired.

According to media reports there will be a hearing on Monday regarding his suspension.

phoenix Says:

He actually did specify himself as a Republican when he registered to vote per online records:

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