Elizabeth Stepanian Vallejo Tossed the Wrong Cell

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Officer Elizabeth Rose Stepanian Vallejo tossed the wrong cell in 2015 when acting on a vendetta against my celly just because he slammed a door on her in 4A once, but she never realized that she was dumping the Cop Blaster's wine down the toilet and now here she is. I didn't even have her on my to do list, but while reading horrible stories about that prison on Facebook I recognized her picture in comment she posted. A quick public records search resulted in that address and abracadabra here she is with her very own Cop Blaster Blast Zone.

She wasn't in my unit very often, but when she was I'm sure the blacks were gunning her down the whole time (gunning is prison slang for jerking off when a female officer is on the floor and the ones doing it are called "gunners"). It is the way she walks, it is like she wants to torture guys that have not seen a woman in years. I bet she is the kind of girl that has a hard drive fully of prison porn, you know the ones where some female CO walks into the jail and gets gangbanged. Everyone always calls her tits because she has big boobs. Can't hide them. I am surprised to see her listed as being in her 30s though because she looks older and haggard in person. Maybe she just smokes a lot of cigarettes or something.

According to public records she has had a couple charges expunged over the years, but the charges are listed as unspecified. Probably traffic tickets.

Another thing I remember about her was her mouth. It was filthy. Literally, somebody needs to stick a bar of soap in that thing. Very disrespectful to inmates, but gets away with it because she is a woman. If she were a man somebody probably would have socked her by now. Maybe they should assign her to the women's camp so that one of them broads can shove one of those soap cocks they make down her throat.

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