Parole Commission's Denial Notice to Mutulu Shakur is Retarded

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Mutulu Shakur's Parole Denial:
Political Prisoner Mutulu Shakur
Political Prisoner Mutulu Shakur

When looking at Facebook pages about USP Victorville I recognized a picture of Dr. Mutulu Shakur and remembered seeing him around when I was there. I don't recall ever speaking to him, but the only people I really got to know at all outside of my unit were other white guys or people I met in the hole. People would point him out to me sometimes and tell me that he was Tupac's dad and how he has been battling the government for decades. I never knew just how much of a following he had until tonight though. When I went to his site I read his denial from the United States Parole Commission and it really pissed me off because their rational is retarded.

They cite incident reports he has gotten over the years for minor things like contacting the public without permission, "abusing" the phone by using it to give a speech, and signing letters with the phrase "Stiff Resistance." Apparently it is not possible for a convicted felon to be both rehabilitated and a vocal opponent of an oppressive terrorist organization that calls itself the Federal Government of the United States of America. If that is true than I will never be "rehabilitated" either because I will speak out against them until the day I die.

They even blame him for stuff other people posted on his website. Like he is the webmaster, give me a break. I can relate though. I wouldn't have even been there if people had not blamed me for stuff other people said on my website, long story. He is a political prisoner in my book and one of my biggest regrets about my time Victorville now is that I never took the time pick his brain a little.

Also, I got more incident reports in the year and a half or so that I was there than he has gotten the entire time he has been in prison. Good thing they had to let me go.

I am also quite impressed and jealous by how well people lookout for him. Especially by running his website. I did all I could to get my people to run my websites when I was in prison and they just did what they could to distance themselves.

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