Daniel Gunnels Did Not Have to Die in Victorville

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On January 31, 2016 inmate Daniel "Yogi" Gunnels at USP Victorville was taken to medical with serious, but survivable head injuries allegedly from being struck in the head several times with a beanie full of rocks. I don't know how he was hurt, but I saw all the blood on the concrete afterwards and heard stories about how medical handled it. He was taken to the hospital at first, but for some reason they sent him back to the prison after just a couple of days. He was placed in the SHU and guys I knew in the SHU say that they could not recognize him. They described his entire face and head as being severely swollen and that no one could understand the words that came out of his mouth. Some time later, between one and three weeks he was taken back to the hospital after slipping into a coma. Eventually I was told that they had to pull the plug. Now if you check out the BOP inmate locator (https://www.bop.gov/inmateloc/) DANIEL ALLAN GUNNELS 84477-080 is listed diseased as of 3/9/2016, but I heard he died before that day.

Last I heard they are trying build a murder case against the man accused of hitting him with the rocks. I lived in unit 4A at the time with both men and consider them friends. This was not a murder. Had Yogi received proper treatment for the swelling of his brain he could and should have lived. Now two lives are potentially ruined because some incompetent idiot sent him back or had him brought back to prison instead. You do not need to be a doctor to know that brain swelling can be treated (http://www.webmd.com/brain/brain-swelling-brain-edema-intracranial-pressure#3-6) by removing part of the skull to reduce the pressure if necessary. Whoever caused him to be sent back to that prison should join his old friends there.

After Yogi left the yard I moved into his old cell and inherited what was left of his stuff. It was really creepy after he died seeing his things everywhere every day.

Just read the comment posted by BSWG1118. It certainly reads like the work of someone that knew Yogi. I also know that he had kids because I recall him mentioning it and word was they were the reason he could afford to pay off his dope debts. Every time we went to the commissary I recall seeing him order all he could and giving it away. I also recall him being on the phone asking for money a lot.

I did not know that Yogi saw it coming though, but he should have after hiding a syringe in another dude's mattress. He did not deserve to die, nobody including the guy that "allegedly" assaulted him believe that he did.

I'll try reaching out to BSWG1118 once I finish upgrading the member to member contact form which should be in the near future.

BSWG1118 Says:

Danial Allan Gunnels was my father... I appreciate whoever posted this, I would love to reach you personally, or anyone. I just wanted to say that NO ACTION was taken after his death regarding the assault OR the TOTAL LACK of medical attention by the CO's/medical staff. I dont particurlarly hold the inmate responsible. The prison witheld information, changed documentation, lied to our faces, refused to let us see him before/after he ACTUALLY passed. The prison and system are 100% responsible for his death. He knew it was going to happen and I'll never forget the desperation in his voice the last time we spoke. But if you knew him, he wouldn't have gone out any other way, and the cops ALWAYS hated him! He told me he wasn't coming out of Victorville alive and he was right. All My Love Dad!

Have you ever noticed how federal inmate deaths are rarely covered by the press and state inmate deaths almost always make the news?

I was not sure if I was going to write this at first because I do not want people questioning me about it, but after seeing a guy on Facebook talking about how his dad died of a heart attack there and the difficulty he had getting his meds I decided more documentation of the medical situation there is needed. The clickable link above the description on the Blast Zone links to that other guy's story. BOP Health Services killed Dan Gunnels.

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