Facebook is Not Good Enough for Documenting Police Abuse

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While researching police brutality activism on social media I learned something quite disturbing. It seems Facebook has no problem deleting information if requested to do so by law enforcement. It seems all it takes for the police to get something removed from Facebook is to request it through Facebook's law enforcement portal. According to the Baltimore Police Department "Facebook maintains a law enforcement portal through which police request assistance. This portal includes an exigency option for emergency situations like the one yesterday" as a result streaming video of a woman named Korryn Gaines was blocked while police raided her home resulting in her death.

Stories like that make Facebook insufficient as a media for documenting police abuse. It makes sites like Cop Blaster a good idea because by not deleting content Cop Blaster assures people that their voice will be heard whether the police like it or not. I would like to support video uploading and streaming eventually with a companion app of some sort because I know all too well how far bad cops will go to make themselves look good. There will always need to be a form of media where people can document the behavior of their government without that government being able to censor them. Hopefully Cop Blaster can be that form of media because Facebook certainly is not it.

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