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Report police abuse safely and anonymously by using the new Cop Blaster Beta today. This site is now operational and allows users to tell their stories at no cost to them. Simply click on the Register link at the top left hand corner of your screen and create an account to become a Cop Blaster. Then you will be redirected to the Blast a Cop form where you can put any police officer, prosecutor, judge, or snitch on blast with the truth and your opinion.

Not just for reporting police abuse. You can use this site to share any story you have regarding law enforcement, an opinion, or a resource. So, say if you see something on TV that you want to fire off about you can do that. If you have a resource that think can be used to keep police accountable you can post that here.

Known bugs are as follows:

The contact us email form does not work.

The Pinterest image share feature does not work with relative URLs.

The AJAX loader that displays an upside down American flag while inserting comments is off-center.

The search control on the home page does not clear the page number from old searches when the search button is clicked, as a result you may need to manually select the first page if you do not see anything.

Other features to be added:

Email verification and the ability to send mail to other members.

An advanced tracker that makes better use of all data collected.

A map that will show users all reported police activity in their area.

If you wish to report a bug just post a comment here for now.

Facebook login and registration now enabled. Users just have to authenticate with their Facebook account and choose a user name not already in use on this site. Easy.

Downside: The AJAX UpdatePanel on the comment boards had to be removed, so the page will need to refresh in order to post comments for now.

The contact us email form and Pinterest sharing bugs have been fixed.

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