Did the "Rassassin" Aaron Rasmussen Put Mackerel in My Legal Mail?

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Self proclaimed "Rassassin" Aaron Rasmussen sent me to SHU at FCI Sheridan and when my legal paperwork arrived my mackerel had been opened and stuffed between some of my envelopes. It had been weeks since I arrived in SHU and the mackerel was quite rotten by that time. It also had soap thrown on it as if someone was trying to cover up the smell while holding on to my property. I suspect this to be the work of correctional officer Aaron Rasmussen. I had caught him reading my legal mail in my cell, demanded that he stop, and threatened to post his address on this website if he did not immediately stop reading my legal mail and leave my cell. He completely lost it, called for backup, and when they arrived they took me to the SHU.

I think Rasmussen put the open mackerel in my legal work. As far as I can tell he does not work at Sheridan anymore and while he was there he was a tyrant on a rampage. He was always ******** with inmates and when he addressed the inmates he would just stand on the top tier outside his office with his arms raised and spread until people became quit and looked at him. It was almost as if Moses had come down from the mountain top if Moses had a red beard. I think that Rasmussen knew that nothing would happen to him if he messed up my legal work and if it did that he would not be working there much longer anyway.

My other prime suspect is Lt. Will Shortis because he had threatened to beat me up in his office and falsely accuse me of assaulting him before taking me to SHU. Shortis would have had access to my property in his office before it was sent to SHU. That is why I am posting this as a question because I do not know who really did that?

Another thing about the Rassassin is that he was always eating a tray of inmate food with every meal and getting really fat. His stab vest got really little like Chris Farley fat guy in a little coat little. It was hilarious and made him a joke to the inmates and the rest of the staff there. Technically he should have submitted a meal ticket for those meals and if he did it would have cost him about $5 a day, but it looks like he get away with that. That is the kind of example that "corrections" staff make for those they say need "corrections."

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