Lt. Will Shortis Threatens to Beat Up Inmates & Accuse Them of Assault

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Federal Bureau of Prisons Lieutenant William George Shortis has a history of threatening to beat up inmates and falsely accuse them of assaulting him. This author found this out after threatening to post him on this website. I was an inmate at FDC Sheridan at the time (December of 2017). Lt. Shortis told me in his office that I would be going to SHU after I had caught a CO reading my legal material (which violates the 6th Amendment) and insisted that he stop. At the time this website was in the practice of posting home addresses of COs. Shortis responded by saying something like, "how about I just beat you up and say you assaulted me. Give you another case, then what would you do?" At the time I was under indictment for false allegations made by COs in Multnomah County that had done just that, so I took his threat seriously. Plus, there were no cameras in Shortis' office, so once again it would have been an inmate's word vs. that of a guard.

To his credit he did not physically harm me at all and I did not have any other problems with him after I was taken across the street to the FCI Sheridan SHU. Still, this kind of threat is inappropriate and needs to be documented. Just in case anyone reading this has been charged with assaulting Shortis or knows anyone that has been. There is the possibility that Shortis actually assaulted the inmate and falsely accused the inmate of assaulting him.

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