David Prock Spies on Inmates and Steals Mail at FCI Sheridan

Blast Zone No. 1214
Set Up On:
Current Prison Location:
27072 Ballston Road
Sheridan, Oregon 97378
David Prock Admits to Spying:
David Prock
David Prock

Correctional Officer David Prock spies on inmates and steals their mail at FCI Sheridan. He then sends written notices to the inmates explaining his reason for the theft. The notices provide undeniable proof that Prock has been spying on the inmate that he sends it to. If it were not for his spying he would not be able to find the excuses he uses to try to justify stealing the mail.

It was made clear to Officer Prock that mail theft and spying would not be tolerated, but he kept on doing it anyway. Theft of the mail for the purpose of censorship under the guise of rule enforcement strikes at the heart of the First Amendment.

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