Portland Police Officer Brent Taylor Identified as "Officer 12"

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Cop Blaster was contacted with the identity of Portland Police Officer 12 which is said to be Brent Taylor. Officer Taylor was already known to be involved in the recent batches of brutality against Antifa and Black Lives Matter Protesters in Portland, Oregon. Taylor was known only as Officer 12 because Portland Police officers have been covering their name tags and displaying number on their uniforms to avoid accountability. The PPB justifies it on the grounds that some people think it is alright to lookup their home addresses and in some cases publish them on social media and websites that promote police accountability. It is not illegal to publish their information as long as it was already publicly available (https://copblaster.com/blast/25898/kevin-bond-launches-smoke-screen-public-relations-campaign), so what legal justification they have for not telling people their names is not known. Someone photographed someone that they recognized as Officer 12 leaving the Portland Police station in downtown Portland today dressed in full tactical gear, but without his name covered (pictured above).

Brent Taylor submitted a declaration to the court as part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by Don't Shoot Portland against the Portland Police in federal court (case number 3:20-cv-00917-HZ) here in Portland, Oregon. In his declaration (see PDF link above article), Taylor describes his recent crimes against the people of Portland in great detail. He appears to have been part of a police gang that has been targeting protesters since the beginning of the protests. His crimes include assaulting protesters with chemical weapons and blunt instruments before kidnapping them.

According to media reports, Brent M. Taylor was born in Portland, Oregon, but grew up in La Center, Washington before obtaining a bachelor's degree from Washington State University and volunteering as a reserve deputy with the Clark County Sheriff's Office in Vancouver, Washington. He was hired by the Portland Police Bureau in 2011 and was assigned number 51250 by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) on January 20, 2011.

UPDATE: According to our source as well as several unconfirmed sources online, Officer 12 was the one responsible for the slashing of the snack van a few nights ago. That incident was caught on camera and can be viewed below.

I have written a new article about Brent Taylor being the reason why the city of Portland was found in contempt of court recently https://copblaster.com/blast/34342/portland-police-found-in-contempt-by-federal-judge-marco-hernandez

He was recently found in contempt by a federal judge. More coming soon.

BLMpower Says:

Went to high school with this clown, not surprised to see he is still a bully

According to Dustin Brandon's Instagram page he was arrested by Brent Taylor last night. Brandon is the little guy in the wheelchair that is at almost all the protests giving the cops a big piece of his mind. Learn more about that incident at https://copblaster.com/blast/25944/wheelchair-protester-dustin-brandon-streamer-arex-johnson-arrested

Ironically, the snack van had "F*ck 12" painted on it right next to one of the tires slashed by Officer 12.

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