13 Year Old Adam Toledo Shot Dead by Chicago Police with His Hands Up

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13 year old Adam Toledo was shot dead by a yet to be identified Chicago Police officer on March 29th. The CPD released the body camera footage today. We are embedding it below this article. In that footage you can clearly see the boy put his hands in the air right before being shot. Perhaps the officer was too busy reading Toledo's Nike "Just Do It" shirt to notice, but its more likely that he just did not care.

Conservatives and other "Blue Lives Matter" types have been quick to point out that police were responding to a report of shots fired. There have also been misleading images circulating online thanks in part to Andy Ngo (https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1382811697279295493) which appear to show Toledo holding a gun right before being shot, but if you actually watch the body camera footage you can see that the police found his gun down the alley some distance from where he was shot.

After shooting the boy, the officer asked him where he was shot as if his aim were so poor that he had no idea where he was shooting. The boy did not answer and was obviously bleeding to death while the officer called for an ambulance. A few seconds later the camera showed his face and his eyes were open with blood around his mouth. He was obviously dead. The officer finally started CPR over a minute after shooting him. The footage ends over three minutes after the shooting, so we have no idea when an ambulance finally arrived.

If you know the name of the officer that shot Adam Toledo please contact us immediately.

UPDATE: The name of the officer has been reported in the media as Eric Stillman. There was just so much coverage of this that it took awhile for us to find stories naming Stillman.

Adam's killer has been identified as Chicago Police Officer Eric Edward Stillman. He has been with the department since 2015. Learn more at https://copblaster.com/blast/35499/chicago-police-officer-eric-stillman-identified-as-adam-toledo-killer

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