Chicago Police Officer Eric Stillman Identified as Adam Toledo Killer

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Chicago Police Officer Eric Stillman has been named in multiple media reports today as the killer of 13 year old Adam Toledo. The video below was taken from Stillman's body camera. It clearly shows the 13 year old raise his hands in clear view where Stillman could easily see that he was holding nothing. Then Stillman shot the boy dead in cold blood. Stillman did seem distressed over it later, but we think that was probably less due to guilt and more due to realizing that he may have ruined his own career and bought himself a ticket to jail. He waited a while to begin CPR and we still have no idea when medics arrived because by the time the video ends there still are no medics on the scene. A gun was also seen that we presume was Toledo's, but it was too far down the alley for Toledo to have been in possession of it when he was shot. The boy obviously ditched it while running from Stillman.

A background check of Stillman found a 2007 reckless driving charge that was later dismissed (case number 18218401KPRCTKTS). That case was in Kitsap County. According to Open Oversight ( Eric E. Stillman's CPD Unique Internal Identifier is 108092 and he has been with the department since August 31, 2015. According to the Invisible Institute (, Stillman's salary is just over $72,000 per year. Some websites are claiming that misconduct complaints against Stillman can be found on DropBox ( but we are still trying to verify where they came from and if they are in fact genuine.

Copies of videos and documents from this case released by the CPD so far can be found at the Civilian Office of Police Accountability website ( We have uploaded a PDF copy of the Tactical Response Report. We also noticed that the Original Case Report contains the names of every other officer involved that night ( You can find a press release issued by the CPD regarding the release of the body cam footage at

According to public records, Eric Edward Stillman is a 34 year old resident of Chicago, Illinois. His last known address is listed as 6734 W Bryn Mawr Ave. and property records list him as the owner. We are exempting Officer Stillman from our usual courtesy of censoring home addresses of police officers because him abominable actions make it clear that he is a danger to the community. We ask that you do not approach his location unless your purpose is a non-violent peaceful demonstration. If you do plan to peacefully protest there we recommend filming at all times for your own safety so that Stillman cannot get with shooting you and you cannot be accused of doing anything illegal. We recommend that people living in the area avoid that location and the man living there since he is obviously a cold blooded murderer.

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