How to Disable Internet Probation and Parole Control Software

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It is really easy to disable Impulse Control monitoring software from Internet Probation and Parole Control Technologies, Inc. There are several ways to circumvent it and I will address a few.

Restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. This disables the software and you can then white list in any program you want to use.

Download Autoruns from Sysinternals. That will let you deselect all programs, drivers, and services that automatically start with Windows.

Use Group Policy Software Restriction Policies to block their applications.

Use RegEdit to ban their programs from running.

If that does not work do a system restore, hopefully you had the presence of mind to create one before installing the software.

The files you want to block are as follows:
























I probably should have mentioned that one of their websites is called because right now the .pdf shows up on search engines when people look for paycomputermonitoring so hopefully this comment will help people find this page instead since this content with the link to the .pdf is much better than just the .pdf file.

On another note to be fair it looks like IPPC was directed by probation to block access to things they should not have been told to block. That could have been part of the performance problem but still other people had the same problems.

This post has been reactivated to help persuade law enforcement not to use IPPC Technologies for computer monitoring. It was deactivated because while I was on supervision I was ordered to remove it and not tell people how to circumvent IPPC Impulse Control. Now that I am no longer under supervision in those cases I am free to tell people how to circumvent it.

Probation finally tried using Remote-com instead and it worked great. I had some slowdown that I suspected of being linked to it but could never tell for sure. If you don't want your client circumventing IPPC use Remote-com.

Still have to go to court over this software and have not gotten word of any alternative program from Probation. As bad as this software is on Windows 10 I still feel like it would be unfair to that company not to point out that IPPC Impulse Control might work just fine on older versions of Windows or a Macintosh. I also feel like Probation dropped the ball here by not using more than one Program at the Portland office. They should use at least two and I would use three or four if I were them. If they are going to use just one then it should be one that at least keeps its stuff up to date.

Correction: 25% was the lowest I could get the WMPROC process. The others would add to that, but were not so high as to be a problem most of the time.

I just talked to a friend that is a computer whiz and he told me that I might be able to handle a program on my computer that runs like IPPC if I bought an aftermarket liquid cooling system. I wish I had thought of that myself and I would have seriously considered it. On the other hand I do not recall reading liquid cooling system as being a requirement of using IPPC software. It should not be a requirement because monitoring software should not idle at 25% CPU or more. 25% was the lowest I could get any one process.

Today I found out that Probation is trying to use the District Court to protect IPPC from the truth about themselves. I will not censor my work about their defective product just because Probation or a Court says to. I have a First Amendment right to tell people how much CPU usage they consume, how they fail to update their software for months on end despite fixes that would make it compatible with Windows 10 being available, and I have the right to tell others how to use their computer should IPPC cripple it.

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