Pasquotank County Attorney Richard Michael Cox Will Be Bullied

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Pasquotank County Attorney Richard Michael Cox said that he will not be bullied for his refusal to release body camera footage of the Andrew Brown Jr. shooting. Unfortunately for him, he has no control over the matter unless he releases the body camera footage to the general public. He has no control over being bullied because we have decided that we will bully him and help others do the same until he does the right thing.

Known as R. Michael Cox, the Pasquotank County Attorney told the Brown family that he is "not f***ing going to be bullied" by them or their attorneys. Cox has played a central role in the effort to cover up what sounds like another execution of an unarmed black man. Pasquotank County has refused to release body camera footage to the public and only allowed the Brown family to view a 20 second snippet in a private screening. Attorney Ben Crump, who represents the Brown family, quickly called Cox out publicly for what he called a bait and switch in which he promised to show raw footage only to show 20 seconds. Ben Crump ( is the same lawyer representing the family of George Floyd and other high profile families of black people murdered by police in recent years.

We want R. Michael Cox to release the body camera footage to the public immediately. Until then we will do all we can to put pressure on him. Today Anderson Cooper showed footage of a group of protesters that he believed were headed to a location believed by them to be the home of R. Michael Cox. According to public records, that location is probably 109 Persse St. in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. We at Cop Blaster have been posting home addresses of bad government officials for years when we think it could be useful for non-violent peaceful protesters that want to make themselves heard. For that reason we are exempting Cox from our usual courtesy of blocking home addresses of law enforcement officials. If you are in the Elizabeth City area please got to 109 Persse Street and make your voice heard peacefully.

We compared Google Earth images for the address 109 Persse St. to the video below and concluded that it is most likely the location of the protest in the video, but it looks like the video focuses more on the nicer house next door. We applaud these protesters for peacefully making their voices heard on Mr. Cox's time and encourage others to do the same until he releases the body camera footage to the public.

The family of Andrew Brown Jr. got to see 20 minutes of body cam footage today. That is a step in the right direction, but it still does not satisfy our demand that the video be made available to the general public.

The Brown family describes the video as showing an unjustified killing.

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