Greenbrier county WV cops try to kill a man to cover up their crimes

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Greenbrier county WV

Imagine you have been witnessing deputies State Police and local politicians involved in a moonshine ring with your neighbors for over two years. You have seen officers drink and drive and transporting illegal liquor in uniform in their issued vehicles numerous times. You report it to corrupt Sheriff Bruce Sloan (he is a retired state trooper) and let him know that you might just let the feds know. You know what happens next? They send a state trooper to your home to kill you the next time you have to call 911.

The picture is from home video surveillance and shows a WV state trooper at this home in Oct. The WV State Police have no record of this incident but you can see he's is there. The problem is he drew his weapon on a disabled man and if it wasn't for the trooper stopping himself at the last instant because he saw the man's little girl watching out the window. The man would be dead and you wouldn't know about this.

So the attempt on the innocent man fails. The man calls the local State Police detachment and reports what happened. The man then finds out that there is no record of either of his two 911 calls and the head of the Lewisburg WV state police detachment couldn't even find out who this mystery officers is and tells the man that he fears for that mans safety. Whoa?? What?? It gets worse.

So a couple weeks later the man sees deputy Josh Martin deliver two boxes to his neighbor. (The neighbor who sells the moonshine to the police and politicians by the way). Ten minutes after the officer leaves the neighbor is hanging two new cameras and they are pointed at the innocent man's house and driveway.

The man is smart enough to know that he's now under police surveillance by the real criminals while he is completely innocent. They were listening to every word this family said 24/7 in their homes through their cell phones and it's completely sponsored by the corrupt Greenbrier county sheriff's department.

So the man is calling and pleading his innocence to every state and federal agency applicable. Senators, congressmen, media, nobody wants to hear about what the government is doing to an innocent family. (The FBI has known since March and refuse to investigate). So he has to document it in some way so he tricks them into thinking he was growing pot in his basement. Sure enough about a month after acting like he has got plants going. A Greenbrier county drug task force helicopter about lands on his house. I told you it got worse.

So you got it documented now. Right? The FAA is refusing to answer his FOIA request and identify the helicopter. So he now knows for sure that they will stop at nothing until they get him. So he and his family has to take out a ten thousand dollar loan so they can move an hour away and try to escape this nightmare.

A few days before the move he calls an attorney in Maryland (the moonshining neighbors were listening of course) and he leaves a message. They didn't like what they heard. They were scared they might get raided so they go immediately to dump their batch they were making directly into Muddy creek in Alderson. The man and his daughter video record the dump. The man calls the EPA twice and no one showed up or did anything about it. You want to know why?

The moonshiners were making their product at the old Pepsi plant in Alderson WV property owned by Governor Jim Justice. So these guys were making on the governor's property. Selling it to his employees (state police and a game warden) Greenbrier county sheriff's deputies and his local politician friends.

Wow so you think you got em now. You have all kinds of evidence. You know your case can be proven easily. You have multiple lawsuits worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now the state of WV and governor Jim Justice has threatened all licenced attorneys in the state of WV not to take your case. The governor is using his power to protect himself and his friends from civil lawsuits and protecting his friends from criminal prosecution.

The federal government is complicit. The FBI has known since March and refuses to investigate and the EPA and FAA refuse to answer FOIA requests because they are key pieces of evidence. WOAY ABC local news was offered the story in March. If you people think that your local news is any more honest than CNN or NBC then you are lying to yourselves. The state runs your local news just like the federal propaganda department runs the national news.

Now in retaliation for continuing to seek justice in some way the state of WV is taking away the man's Social Security disability that he worked for and earned. This is outrageous. This is the worst case of government corruption that I know of.

People need to stand up and fight. Don't back down. They work for us and there's way more of us than them. We can't allow them to continue to threaten intimidate and murder innocent people. Joshua Morgan was tortured and murdered by the WV state police because he had evidence of WV state police and Greenbrier county sheriff's deputies partying with under aged girls.

The man who I am speaking of had his aunt murdered by a drug dealing state trooper. The state police knew he was dirty and they have been covering it up for nearly 45 years. He was in the process of retaining counsel for a wrongful death lawsuit against the WV State Police when he himself was nearly murdered himself by a dirty WV state trooper.

WV is a small state so you can see just how prevelent corruption is in the state police. There is no need to embellish this story because unfortunately every word is true. The only way to fight back is to stand up to them at every opportunity and to get the truth out to others. The fact that Jim Justice and the WV State Police can stop attorneys from helping an innocent family is criminal. They murder people to cover up their crimes and if it happens to not work out for them you are supposed to keep your mouth shut and take it. Not no. But hell no.

How can a man look at his family in the face again after them knowing everything we've been through. The little girl who witnessed the attempt on her father's life is really struggling and has been. Her whole reality has shattered. Now she sees the governor and the state continue to attack her innocent and disabled father. Jim Justice is an enemy to the residents of WV and should be thrown out of office. If this gets out he probably will be. Few people outside of his circle of murderous friends in Greenbrier county care for him. He makes used car salesmen look respectful. They are all criminals.

The governor gave up his four year court battle to stay at his house in Lewisburg WV on Feb 28. That's exactly when the family was finishing up their move and beginning to seek counsel to file multiple civil rights lawsuits against all parties involved. He was trying to put space between he and them. Just in case this story got out.

You would think politicians have enemies who would love to get their hands on dirt like this or some news organization, right?? Wrong... They are all in it together. Even the majority of "alternative news". Jay Sekalew, Rudy G., Fake fake...Donald Trump was still in office when I was calling and begging for the federal government to get these goons off of me. So believe me when I tell you that it's all an act. Nobody is going to help us. Only us.

They keep everyone divided right left black or white that is the distraction they need to continue to take our freedoms while everyone argues. They laugh at us. If you think that this cannot happen to you. Wrong!! We just happened to rent a house next to all of this. If people don't wake up soon there's going to be no fighting back. They are going to have us where they want us. This is how they spend your hard earned tax dollars. If you are upset by any of this I hope you help do something about it. Call the news or a federal agency and raise hell. The State Police and the Governor are going to try to lie or position themselves in some favorable light. They had their chance to make it right. Now I bring it to the true State of West Virginia it's citizens. Thank you for reading and God bless.

Why not post the video of the attempted murder? If you really want people to do something about this, you're gonna have to show some of the evidence you speak of. You ask people to call the news? Sure, and tell them what? That some anonymous man, said that some anonymous officers did something illegal? I hear you, but I have to ask, why aren't you showing anything to give yourself some credibility. IF the FBI was informed in March, you wouldn't know if they were investigating or not. Please help me help you. Need something legit. There are an awful lot of good cops in these depts minus the SP for any conspiracy to go on without a whistle being blown. I sure hope you'll share some of your 411 with us. Any news org will NEED proof to find this credible.

Interesting, but might I suggest editing the body and adding some line breaks between paragraphs. That would make it much easier to read. Right now people are likely to be scared off by the giant block of text.

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