Undercover Portland Police Officer Embedded with Antifa

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Set Up On:
Category: Police - City
Last Known Surveillance Address:
SW 2nd and Yamhill
Portland, Oregon 97204

A Portland Police officer appears to have been embedded with Antifa today during a series of violent confrontations with Proud Boys. This image is a screenshot from a video shot by ACatWithNews on Twitter. It is the arrest of a many with a gun believed to have opened fire downtown. As you can see one of the police officers is wearing plain clothes and appears to have been disguised in black bloc. If he were not a police officer known to the Portland Police they certainly would not have tolerated him standing alongside them with a gun.

Unfortunately, this grainy image is the best image of his face we could find. He is wearing a mask, so we doubt we will be able to find a full view of his face. Still, this image could be useful for future reference.

Seems to be a problem with the embed. Sorry about that.

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