Christopher Tomsic and Cody Weldin Arrested for Swastika Graffiti

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Torrance Police officers Christopher Tomsic and Cody Weldin were arrested this week for spray painting a swastika on a car last year. 13 other officers were placed on leave after the investigation into Tomsic and Weldin revealed that those other officers had engaged in racist or anti-Semitic conduct.

In January of 2020, TPD responded to a vandalism complaint involving an impounded vehicle featuring a spray painted smiley face on the passenger seat with a companion swastika spray painted on the backseat. Tomsic and Weldin left the TPD voluntarily a few months later. On August 19th they were booked on charges of felony vandalism and conspiracy. They pleaded not guilty and have since been released. The DA's office is now reviewing hundreds of cases involving the pair most of which we assume involved people of color.

We are not sure what prosecutors are doing about the thousands of cases involving the 13 other officers placed on paid administrative leave for conduct such as sending racist and anti-Semitic messages to one another. We can only assume that those officers will enjoy their paid vacation while their colleagues drag their feet.

According to public records, Christopher William Tomsic is a 29 year old resident of Lawndale, California. His last known address is 4338 West 149th Street. He stand 5' 7" tall, weights 160 pounds, and was born on 04/30/1992. His is a registered Republican with no prior criminal record. We are exempting him from our usual courtesy of censoring home addresses of police officers because his support of fascism makes that location an ideal protest location for anti-fascists (Antifa). We are disclosing it for the purpose of encouraging non-violent demonstrations by peaceful activists looking to do nothing more than make their voices heard. We ask that nobody use this information for any unlawful purpose.

According to public records, Cody Andrew Weldin is a 28 year old resident of Torrance, California. His last known address is 2551 Plaza Del Amo Unit D. He is 5' 8" tall, weights 180 pounds, has brown eyes, brown hair, and was born on 11/19/1992. He is a registered Republican with no prior criminal record. We are including his address for the same reasons as his accomplice and ask that you not use it for any unlawful purpose. We believe that we may have located a photo of Weldin on Facebook. If you visit you can find a three year old comment saying, "Cody Weldin Dang, one of those officers looks really familiar." Based on Weldin's description we can think of two people in those photos that could be Weldin. The officer on the right in this picture ( and the one in the background of this picture (

Received an email today claiming to be from the email address cody_weldin[at] demanding the removal of Weldin's address from this article. It cited a California law even thought this site is run in a different state and hosted in a foreign country. The state of California has no authority over us whatsoever.

Even if that state had jurisdiction over this matter, the statute cited was held unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2017 ( That ruling overwhelmingly supports our claim that publications such as these are protected by the First Amendment.

Even if the above were not true, the statute requires intent to injure or threaten which is not and has never been the case here.

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