Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Szarowski Stole My Gadsden Flag Sign

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Daniel Szarowski and the Gadsden Flag
Daniel Szarowski and the Gadsden Flag

MCSO Deputy Daniel Szarowski stole my Gadsden Flag sign from my window in 2017. The sign clearly said "Don't Tread on Me" but he decided to tread anyway. Is he illiterate or just disrespectful? Either trait is not desirable. I felt like my right to free speech was being trampled on by a giant tyrant.

Szarowski may or may not be familiar with the true meaning of the Gadsden Flag. If he is familiar with it he probably viewed it as a statement against the tyranny of the government he represents and rightfully felt threatened by the sight of anyone waving it because such people are not likely to obey his every word. He obviously did not associate it with the freedoms that he personally enjoys thanks to the revolution that the flag represents. Had he done so he would not have had a problem with it, but had he appreciated the revolution and the constitution that would not exist without it, he would not be working for a government that has come to represent a greater tyranny than that which inspired the flag's creation in the first place.

Come to think of it he might have been in bad mood because of the Buffalo Bills even though this incident took place in the off season because the bills have not been any good since the early 1990s and surely there must be plenty of bad news for Bills fans every off season.

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