David Collman: Does Anyone Understand The Words Out of His Mouth?

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David Collman
David Collman

I don't want to hate on a guy for a speech disorder if that is what he has, but if that is not the case then he is deserving of this criticism. When he was running the unit at the FDC in Sheridan, Oregon his directives to the inmates were often not cognizable. By this I mean he would made a loud announcement to the unit and it would sound more like, "heeeehuuuhhhh, hee huh, ehhhh euh." Just some loud thing that we could not make out. We would typically have to guess at what he said based on the clock, so if it was near the end of our walk we figured he meant cell in or if it were near a meal we figured it was meal time.

On top of that he always had a redness around his face even in winter that must have been due to high blood pressure or something like that. Maybe he was drunk? We really were not sure.

The last time I was at Sheridan was in 2018 and by then he was working in the SHU at the FCI where I don't recall hearing him say anything at all.

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