Officer Ryan Ruman Conducted Unlawful Search of Legal Material

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Ryan Ruman
Ryan Ruman

My first memory of Ryan Ruman at FCI Sheridan was a fellow SHU inmate pointing him out and saying that he is a bad guard that should not be angered. Over the course of my time in the Special Housing Unit in 2018 I noticed nothing but a negative attitude towards inmates from him. You can tell just by the way he projects himself that he does not like inmates. I was warned not to piss him off because according to this other inmate he has an attitude problem.

Eventually I did have a problem with him after a board up. I had covered the window and food port demanding that medical give me my medication because it was long past the time that they usually pass out pills, it was almost the end of the drug mules' shift, and I had been denied medication before, so I knew that if I did not get it soon I would not get it at all. The medication was something I needed to sleep. If I did not get it I would probably not sleep at all that night and suffer withdrawal the next day. I remember that Ruman had no problem reaching his hand in, pushing the mattress aside, and taking down the window cover. He certainly was not intimidated at all. Eventually he came into the cell and pushed me against the wall even though I was cooperating at that point. For some reason I seem to recall him making a verbal threat of some sort but I don't remember exactly what he said. The part of him storming the cell wasn't that bad. That really is not the point here. The point is that the responsible and safe way to handle that would have been to wait until medical arrived with the medication and if they had forgotten me to make sure they came back. That entire extraction, which could have gotten someone hurt, should not have happened because medical came shortly afterwards with my medication.

When I was in the holding cell after the extraction, Ruman retaliated by ransacking my legal material, taking several items, and leaving a big mess of paperwork that had been in organized folders. I ended up having to reorganize the material and place it back where it belonged. That was totally uncalled for. First, it is illegal to search an inmates legal material without him present and if it is to be searched, it is not appropriate to dump it together. They are supposed to search the folder with the inmate present and put the material back where it was found.

On top of that, Ruman violated BOP policy by conducting a cell extraction without a video camera. I seem to recall hearing later that the Warden had verbally reprimanded him for that. When there is an extraction the Warden usually asks to see the footage when he hears about it and gets mad if it was not recorded. That policy exists to protect guards and inmates alike because otherwise the cameras in the unit would not see the extraction.

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