Ex-Cop Christopher Meyer Despite Similarities is NOT Christopher Myers

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Phoenix Police Officer Christopher Meyer is not the same cop that pulled a gun and wrongfully shot an illegal immigrant in Seattle Washington, but I had to look into it to be sure. In 2010 Seattle Police Officer Christopher Myers pulled a gun and wrongfully shot Jose Manuel Cardenas-Muratalla after receiving a report of an armed man that Myers thought looked like Jose. That incident was later ruled an unjustified Terry Stop by the Washington Court of Appeals which overturned Jose's subsequent firearm conviction. The case involving Christopher Meyer is eerily similar, so when I saw that name I just had to verify that Christopher Myers was not working in Phoenix as a gypsy cop.

The case against Christopher Meyer involved pulling a gun, handcuffing, and doing a leg sweep on a pregnant black woman holding a baby in Phoenix, Arizona. Meyer has since been fired much to the understandable delight of the woman, Iesha Harper.

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