Anything Can Wait Until the Next Shift for Taylor Pennington

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Taylor Pennington
Taylor Pennington

Taylor Pennington is really lucky to have another shift working immediately after him at FCI Sheridan. That way he can rest assured that if an inmate needs anything he can procrastinate until the end of his shift knowing that the next shift will probably handle it and he will not need to deal with it the next day. That is basically how Pennington works and it works well for him. Inmates eventually figure out that if you ask him to do anything he will just feed you excuses until he goes home and the next shift will probably help you, so they stop asking him for anything that is not so important that they will ask anyone for help including Pennington.

Pennington has also known as Igor or Ygor by the inmates ever since this author was confined to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at FCI Sheridan. That is because once the similarities between his appearance and that or Igor from Frankenstein were pointed out people realized that this giant ogre could have been a movie star if he were shorter. See Pennington is so tall that when he is pushing the food cart down the hall he is always bent over like a hunchback.

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