Lynn Foss Make Sure Your Bed is Made

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Lynn Foss
Lynn Foss

Being in jail is bad enough without Lynn Foss showing up and making you make your bed if you want to come out on your walk. These kinds of power trips do nothing but create contempt with the inmate population. Now you might wonder what the big deal is, it is just a bed, why don't you just make it. Well, the issue really is that you never have to make your bed unless she shows up, gets on the intercom, and says "make sure your beds are made, close your doors behind you." At first you probably won't make your bed after which you'll be told to make it or you'll be celled in. It is one of those little things that builds in the minds of the inmates and makes it harder for them to tolerate further transgressions down the road. Making a jail bed is not important enough to increase the stress and feeling of dis-empowerment that already results from being in jail. It does little to make the inmates more disciplined and obedient, and more to make them hate the staff. The trade off is not beneficial for anyone.

She is lucky that I have better things to do than knock on her door as ask her if her bed is made because if I did not I would be right there asking that. Then when asked to leave I would probably say that she had better make her bed or she'd see me again. Then I would keep asking her until she finally would let me inside, show me the bedroom, and let me verify that the bed is made. Then she would never hear from me again, but not before telling her that I would be stopping by from time to time to make sure her bed is made.

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