Multnomah Deputy Brett Russell Has a History of Disrespecting Inmates

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Brett Russell
Brett Russell

Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Brett Russell has a history of disrespecting inmates and paying the price for it. Personally I have never had an issue with him, but I have seen and heard of too many to keep quiet about it.

I first witnessed him harassing inmates in 2012 when I was housed in unit 8C at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) and he was insulting female inmates in 8B. At the time inmates in 8B and 8C could see and speak to one another because there was nothing blocking the view from the deputy's station to one unit or the other. The women in that unit were usually in there for close custody mental health reasons and many of them had a history of prostitution which explains why they tend to flash male guards and inmates. One day I heard Russell say something to a woman in 8B to the effect of "you're not my type, I'm not cruising down 82nd avenue." 82nd avenue is a busy street in Portland, Oregon historically known for being a prostitution hotbed. Before the internet it was not uncommon to see hookers on the sidewalk and even today the street is lined with cheap motels. Russell was obviously and inappropriately even if accurately calling the female inmate a whore.

I then met a man that went by Kai and he talked about how Russell hated him. He mentioned at one point Russell and some other guards beating him up in a cell while he was experiencing a bipolar episode. He filled me in more about Russell's general attitude.

When I met Andrew Barnett at the Columbia County Jail the following year, he told me that one of his charges was for throwing feces in the face of a Multnomah County deputy, showed me the paperwork, and I when read Russell's name, I was not surprised and laughed pretty hard. Barnett went into detail about how Russell acted like Russell during a visit between Barnett and his girlfriend. According to Barnett, Russell had made derogatory comments about her weight where both of them could hear him. Barnett also said that Russell found excuses to give him bad marks and take his visits. Eventually Barnett had enough, filled a small syrofoam cup with feces and urine, waited for Russell to pick up meal trays, did something to draw Russell's attention to the food port, and slung the contents of the cup into his face. Then while Russell was washing the feces and urine out of his mouth and eyes, Barnett yelled something like, "now you have a reason to give me bad marks and take my visits."

Despite or maybe even because of his attitude Brett Sheldon Russell is now a sergeant.

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