Don't Let Our Halloween Special Erika Barker Scare You Too Much

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Don't let this year's Halloween special scare you too much, it is just Erika Barker in a wedding dress added to a Bride of Frankenstein movie poster. What would be scary would be if she were actually in charge of medical decisions at the jail. As a CMA all she does is pass out medication, but she was overheard saying that if it were up to her inmates would not get any medication that is served crushed. That happens when important drugs are given to inmates even though there is a market for them. What is scary is that whoever makes the medical decisions (Dr. Michael Seale) either listens to her or thinks like her because the last time I was at the Multnomah County Detention Center inmates could not get Gabapentin or Bupropion because someone decided it was better to deny the entirely than just have Erika and her fellow drug mules crush them.

Hopefully the inmates wont be too scared by her costume which is sure to be some hideous outfit. Fortunately she is not known to go nude at the jail or that would surely be a fright night to remember.

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