Devin Brosnan: The Atlanta Police Department's New Desk Jockey

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Devin Brosnan of the Atlanta Police Department has gotten off easy lately with the media falsely reporting his name as "Bronsan" when in fact the name on his uniform says Brosnan. Brosnan is now riding a desk at the APD for his role in the killing of Rayshard Brooks this past Friday. Brosnan was not the one that fired the fatal shot, that dishonor goes to fellow officer Garrett Rolfe.

Brosnan can be seen on this video explaining why Brooks was stopped. He says that Brooks was passed out in the drive thru and stunk of alcohol. We can vouch for the passed out part because the video starts out with an officer knocking on his car window while he is passed out in the driver's seat. When Rolfe talks to Brooks, Brooks says he does not remember ever being passed out in the drive thru, which makes sense because a passed out drunk rarely remembers being passed out. Brooks is very respectful to the officers and seems to be honestly answering their questions. Then they give him a breathalyzer test which Rolfe claims he failed and he immediately grabs his hands and puts them behind Brooks' back and a struggle ensued.

As the video of the shooting shows Brooks was running away when Rolfe shot him. Some might be wondering why Brosnan has not been fired. That probably has something to do with the fact that there really wasn't anything he could do to stop Rolfe from shooting Brooks. This isn't like when Derek Chauvin has his knee on George Floyd's neck for over 8 minutes. This happened instantly, so there really wasn't an opportunity for Brosnan to stop the shooting.

Officer Brosnan was criminally charged with aggravated assault and violating his oath of office. We have yet to see the charging documents so we don't know exactly what the arguments are. The media reports that he stepped or kicked Brooks after he was shot.

We don't think he is being charged with the initial take down of Brooks because Brooks was resisting, fighting, and stole Brosnan's taser. We don't think he would have stopped Rolfe from shooting Brooks because of how fast things happened. We do think he is incompetent because competent officers don't get overpowered and have their tasers taken from them.

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After further review, Devin Brosnan is an incompetent boob that let a drunk guy take his taser. If he were a better cop Brooks never would have had a taser to point at Rolfe in the first place.

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