Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe Fired for Rayshard Brooks Killing

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Former Atlanta Police officer Garrett Rolfe was just fired for killing Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy's parking lot in Atlanta Friday. Surveillance and cell phone video of the incident clearly shows that Brooks was running away from Rolfe when Rolfe fired several shots killing Brooks. Pro-cop advocates are arguing that this was a justified shooting because Brooks resisted arrest, assaulted the officers, stole a taser, and was pointing the taser at them when he was shot. The truth is that none of those things made it necessary for Rolfe to kill Brooks. Brooks was far enough away by the time he pointed the taser that Rolfe should not have feared for his safety. The fact that Brooks had just assaulted Rolfe moments earlier would be irrelevant if it did not go to motive when Rolfe finally faces charges.

Fellow officer Devin Brosnan was put on administrative duty. He is obviously the second officer in the video that did not shoot Brooks. You can watch the video below.

Public records contain the following information about Garrett David Rolfe:



DOB: FEB-1993

AGE: 27

Address History



2019 - Now


DALLAS, GA 30132

2010 - 2019


Voter Registration




First Name: GARRETT

Middle Name: DAVID

Last Name: ROLFE

Address: *****


State: GA

Postal Code: 30132


Date Of Registration: 04/18/2012

Possible Email Addresses"




The aforementioned records are being posted as an exception to our rule against posting home addresses of police officers. We are making this exception for Rolfe because he was caught on camera using excessive force and technically he is not a police officer anymore. We believe that making this information public could benefit peaceful protesters when deciding where to picket. We also believe that since this information is public record that by making it available for free we will save people money.

UPDATE: We received an email today saying that Rolfe is hiding out with a relative at:


DALLAS, GA 30132

We are not listing the name of the relative. Public records do link that address to the relative that the tipster named, but we are not sure if he is hiding out there or not.

UPDATE: Rolfe is being held without bond, so we have censored the addresses on this page because he obviously has a new address and hopefully should never be free to return to those ones.

Today Rolfe was charged with murder and could face the death penalty

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