Scott Joseph Franklin is a Wire Wearing Hole Rat

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Scott Joseph Franklin is a wire wearing hole rat from Spokane, Washington. I found this out in 2018 when my attorney informed me that Franklin had falsely accused me trying to hire him as a hit man to kill several people involved in my case and/or incarceration including the presiding judge, prosecutor, alleged victims, my probation officer, jail staff, and others. Franklin was my cellmate in the Special Housing Unit ("SHU") at FCI Sheridan for a couple of months. I was there for catching a CO reading my legal mail and his paperwork made him look like he was there for disciplinary reasons, but it turned out he was in protective custody. It began the day after I was celled up with him. He sent a letter to the head of SIS saying that I was tyring to hire him to kill people and asked that I be moved out of his cell. I think he didn't want me in the cell because he was afraid that I might find out that he was in protective custody. He followed up his letter by participating in interviews with FBI agents Ryan Hall and John Mandrafina. Eventually he wore a wire in the cell in an effort to get me on tape saying things I never said. I said a number of things on that tape, but I never tried to hire him or voice any intention to physically harm anyone at all.

Why would he do that? His sentence was due to max-out in seven months at which point he was done with his federal time. No supervision, nothing. He did it in an effort to get a transfer from FCI Sheridan to FCI Sea-Tac so that he would not have to max-out in the SHU and would be released closer to home. Shortly before I was transferred to a county jail for court I overheard Warden Richard Ives tell him that he would get his transfer. He was so happy to be going to Sea-Tac and thanks in part to his treachery he got his transfer, but they did not send him to Sea-Tac. They sent him to USP Victorville. When I heard that I laughed my ass off because I had just been released from USP Victorville in 2016 and knew that there was no way that a rat like Franklin would be able to walk the yard there. If nobody knew about him when he got there they would figure it out soon. Whenever people go from FCI Sheridan, which is a medium, to a high, they usually go to USP Victorville, so if somebody just happened to get copies of the documents I've uploaded, and show them to people at Sheridan and eventually Victorville he would be screwed. It would have been suicidal for Franklin not to request protective custody on his arrival. I have since heard that that is just what he did. As a result he had to max-out in a worse SHU that the one he ratted on me in to get out of. Medical is worse in Victorville and Franklin is a coffee fiend. That worked out just fine for him at Sheridan where coffee is sold on the SHU commissary, but they don't sell coffee at the SHU in Victorville, HAHA.

Learn more by reading the .pdf I uploaded with this report. I chose this combination because it first shows Franklin's written agreement with the FBI, second because it shows that the FBI did not believe him, and third because Franklin's best excuse not to cooperate without wearing a wire was best explained as "he did not think SULLIVAN would talk about his plan to hire FRANKLIN to conduct the murders." Of course he could never get me to talk about a plan that never existed in the first place.

His new sucked up mugshot from 2018 does not surprise me. He always said his dream was to smoke an 8 ball of meth when he got out. Looks like he smoked at least eight 8 balls.

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