Casey Michael Codding: The Murderer of Malheur

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Hands up meant shoot when Oregon State Police and FBI agents murdered LaVoy Finicum at a traffic stop on January 26, 2016. Out of fear that they might be held accountable the government took great steps to protect their identities after the murder. As a result Cop Blaster does not know who these murderers are, but in the event that we find out we will aggregate every piece of information we can find here. Unfortunately, it does not look like the government will ever release their names. According to People for Constitutional Freedom "They have not been released yet. If ever, it will be after the conclusion of the wrongful death suit."

Do you know who murdered LaVoy Finicum?

If so, please post that information in the comment board below.


When FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita went on trial for lying about shooting in August of 2018, Officer Bob Olson accidentally said his name on the stand. The judge ordered that it be redacted from transcripts, but it was too late. People in the gallery heard it and quickly posted it online. The name of the shooter is Casey Michael Codding. He is the man that murdered Lavoy Finicum. According to public records he is 43 years old and live in Eugene, Oregon.

We are not making the address public at this time because although we have done that with other murderers with badges lately, there do not appear to be any peaceful protests going on in response to the Finicum murder right now, so it does not seem to be something that would be immediately useful for peaceful protesters right now. If we were not the last to know about Codding we probably would make it available because there used to be a lot peaceful protests about this. It is old news, his home address can easily be found in public records, and a number of websites offer it for free alongside his name, so anyone that really wants to find it can do so without us possibly being blamed for someone taking it upon themselves to do something there. That could change. If we find out that people are trying to picket his place we would have no problem helping them organize in that way, but right now under the circumstances we are afraid that Codding might shoot anyone that shows up unless the people that that show up are a peaceful group with cameras. Even then he has killed peaceful people with protesters before, so people should be careful. His neighbors could use that information though, so we will seek a second opinion. We would hate for some poor kid in the neighborhood to get shot getting his ball back because he didn't know the history of the resident.

During a court room slip up one of the officers accidentally said that that officer 1 was really Lt. now Captain Casey Codding.

22 days after writing this I was arrested for violating my supervision, for among other things creating this website when I should have used computer monitoring. On that day I met one of the people that was in the back seat, Ryan Bundy, he was on his way back to testify in defense of some of his fellow protesters. He was shot as well while doing nothing wrong. Ryan does not seem like a criminal of any sort, which explains why he was found not guilty in Oregon and his Nevada trial ended in dismissal with prejudice due to government misconduct. So, this man died while being stopped for no crime.

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