Oregon U.S. Marshal Russel Burger Fails to Look Out for Detainees

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Russel Burger, The United States Marshal for the District or Oregon fails to lookout for federal detainees under his watch. A couple examples come to mind.

The first would be the housing of federal detainees at facilities like the Columbia County Jail because CCJ has no federal law library. This leaves federal detainees unable to aid or assist in their own defense, so by putting someone (like me) at CCJ, Mr. Burger essentially deprives them (and me) of the ability to keep their lawyers honest. People end up being led blind into plea agreements and other problems that are not in their own best interest because the U.S. Marshal does nothing to make sure that their needs are met.

Another issue is inmate property. When transferred from any local jail to FDC Sheridan all property is thrown out except for legal paperwork. The U.S. Marshal does nothing to warn detainees of this or give them a chance to get rid of it once they leave whatever local jail they are housed at. I lost a cell phone and some clothes due to this.

People that run organizations responsible for violating people's constitutional rights to legal materials and their right to their property are Enemies of Liberty.

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