Vietnam Veteran Mike Hastie Pepper Sprayed in the Face in Portland

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Portland, Oregon 97204

Vietnam Veteran Mike Hastie was just sprayed in the face with mace on camera while he was trying to talk with federal agents in downtown Portland. The video (embedded below) was shot by Andrew Kimmel ( Hastie was walking peacefully alongside federal agents in downtown Portland near the federal courthouse. Because he is a photographer he had every right to be there taking pictures after a riot had been declared and he posed no threat to the feds whatsoever. Hastie said he was born in 1945, so that would make him at least 75 years old. We watched live on Facebook as he told the feds about the atrocities he was a part of in Vietnam and how he swore an oath to protect the country. Their response was to spray his entire face with pepper spray.

Eventually some protesters were able to get him some water to flush out his eyes. While he was getting treatment he mentioned that he was an Army medic with the 10th Cavalry in Vietnam and a recipient of the Bronze Star. He now is a photographer that has spoken for the group Veterans for Peace all over America. He was most likely part of the Wall of Vets that were peacefully protesting earlier.

Mike Hastie has good online presence for his work. He was part of a video series called "Ask a Vietnam Veteran Anything" (, he wrote a photo essay called on a website called "Vietnam Full Disclosure" (, and he wrote a review of the book American Sniper for Veterans for Peace (

We thank Mr. Hastie for his service.

Mike was back at it tonight giving the Oregon State Police a piece of his mind after they attacked protesters in North Portland. As always we thank him for his service.

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