Protesters Picket Outside the Home of Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

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We posted the home address of Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf almost two weeks ago ( and today a group of peaceful protesters gathered outside his home. We hope that we helped motivate them but we think they came up with the idea on their own and found his address easily like we did. The address is:

Chad Frederick Wolf



Our first post that included this address mysteriously disappeared from Google. We did not receive a notice of a manual action and according to our Google Search Console the page is still on Google, but when you search for the page it is gone. Is DHS working with Google to bury personal information about high ranking officials? Maybe, it could have been that Google's algorithm decided that more recent articles about Wolf were more important or that the tag archive is good enough, but usually that kind of decision does not completely remove a page from Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). We think someone at Homeland Security got Google to shadow ban the page, but we know how to get around that. We have had Google shadow ban pages on other sites before and all you need to do is change the URL of the page and submit the new URL to Google. That can be done via Search Console or just by posting a new link to the new URL where Google can find it. The URL change can be done by changing the post title, but there are also other large scale automated solutions that we have implemented elsewhere that we could easily implement here. We call it the Anti-Censorship Search Engine Rehabilitation Program (ACSERP) and if these types of shadow bans become widespread we will implement ACSERP on Cop Blaster. When ACSERP is added to a site, any URL that is removed from Google gets changed slightly and that causes Google to add it back to SERPs. The end result is an infinite loop of removals, URL changes, and re-indexation.

Our original response to a complaint from a federal officer regarding the publication of Secretary Wolf can be found at where we explain that if the address we had were in fact his real current address that Wolf has a bigger problem. That problem is that whoever is in charge of security for him did not exercise due diligence by seeking to remove his address from public records websites including many that list his name and address together for free. We believe that a competent security person would have recommended to Wolf that he buy property through a trust so that his name stays out of the public record in relation to that address. Well, live in learn. We would go find a new Wolf Den if we were him and purchase it through a trust this time.

UPDATE: We have redacted Chad Wolf's home address because he resigned. Learn more at

Chad Wolf has resigned

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