Names of U.S. Marshals Read Out Loud by Protesters

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Protesters in Portland, Oregon used a bull horn to read off a list of names. Those names were those of United States Marshals stationed in Portland, Oregon. We have a video of the reading embedded below this article and you can read the flier for yourself (pictured above). We already had some of the names and more information about some of them so we added some of that information.

Names of U.S. Marshals called out last night:

Brian A. Petty

Laura A. Polson

John R. Shoemaker

Brad A. Sholer

Andrew R. Simpson

James A. Stratton

Timothy N. Sundhelm

Eric L. Wahlstrom

Bryce E. Collins

Lawrence J. Gloth

Kara L. Kinney

Peter W. Cajigal

Kyle B. Cozart

Jason L. Ferrell

Rafael A. Medrano

Eduardo Sanchez

Vanessa M. Siemasz

Martin Sobczyk

Jacob S. Kabrud

Jesse M. Lindgren

Aaron D. Pfenning

Craig Slack

Robert W. Gerg

Alberto Aguilar

Tabeth Aguilar

Barbara J. Alfano

Bryon P. Carroll

Anthony S. Cowan

Troy D. Gangwisch

Donald F. Holden

Brian C. Kelly

Eric A. Kinney

Karl R. Knobbs

Jonathan W. Lobell

Rodney Lowe

Patrick J. McGarrah

John Moody

Christopher M. Roberson

Christopher J. Tamayo

Brian C. Nelson

Seth E. Weigel

Marc E. Nordquist

As you can see someone probably did a thorough audit of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for anyone that self identified as being associated with the U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon. They probably went through Google looking for news coverage as well. The list includes Peter W. Cajigal who is the Chief of the United States Marshals in Portland according to his LinkedIn profile. The last name on the list is that of a guy who spied on the founder of Cop Blaster for many months and testified against him in court, you can learn more about that by clicking the link under Marc Nordquist's name.

We also have a some names to add:

Wilson Culwell

Deputy US Marshal at United States Marshals Service

Eugene, Oregon Area 19 connections Contact info

Scott Linde

Part-time Security Guard at U.S. Marshals Service

Cory Cunningham

Deputy U.S. Marshal at U.S. Marshals Service

Portland, Oregon Area 4 connections Contact info

Robert Gerg

Supervisory Deputy US Marshal at US Marshals

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