Black Lives Matter March on Marriott in Downtown Portland

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About a week after Black Lives Matter and Anitfa activists tracked down the hotels that federal officers are staying at, a large crowd of peaceful protesters marched on the Marriott Hotel on the waterfront in downtown Portland, Oregon tonight. They waved signs, gave speeches, and chanted "kick them out Marriott." We are not involved with organizing the protests at all but we do support them and have been advocating online for such a march. We also created a petition a couple days ago that already has over 2,000 signatures on asking Marriott to stop renting rooms to federal officers. Please sign the petition at and boycott all Marriott owned businesses.

Earlier this week we posted that reputable online sources had accurately named the Marriott downtown as well as the Residence Inn by Marriott at Jantzen Beach ( We believed the information to be accurate because after it was posted DHS Secretary Chad Wolf released a statement saying that "violent anarchists" had follows federal agents to their hotels and posted the locations of their lodgings online. Our petition on followed Wolf's admission.

The protest at the Marriott was entirely peaceful and the crowd has since gone back to the federal courthouse where federal officers attacked them with tear gas and other crowd control weapons like they do every night. Tonight's victims included the Wall of Mom and the Wall of Vets. The former is a group of women with children that lock arms in front of the courthouse. The Vets are a group of disabled veterans that do the same thing.

Hopefully Marriott gets the message and kicks the feds out of their hotels. They have the right to refuse to do business with them. Hopefully other hotels will take notice and exercise their right not to rent to them as well. Eventually we hope that they will be forced to pitch tents or couch surf with local federal employees.

Current Marriott tenants include agents with the Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, Federal Protection Service, and the United States Marshals Service. They were deployed under direct orders from President Donald Trump for the stated purpose of protecting federal buildings and monuments. Their brutal tactics led to a restraining order banning them from targeting journalists (, but they continue to target them anyway. Last night independent journalist Tre Stewart was hospitalized after being shot in the nuts ( and reported seeing other men there that were also shot in the nuts, so the feds have started aiming below the belt and we recommend all male protesters buy athletic cups like Tre did today.

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UPDATE: After someone tweeted to us "I want to call this Marriot." Here is their phone number (503)226-7600

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