Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan Gets a Visit from the People

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Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan voted against against defunding the police and tonight he heard from the people. A crowd of mostly peaceful protesters marched on his home expressing their outrage. They stood outside his house chanting Black Lives Matter slogans until the police that he voted to keep funding declared the protest an unlawful assembly and shut it down.

This protest was a direct response to Ryan breaking his campaign promise to support defunding the police. Instead he voted with Ted Wheeler against cutting the Portland Police Bureau's budget by $18 million.

We are including the location of this protest with this post because it creates a more accurate documentation of this protest. As always we ask that if anyone uses this information for future protests that they not damage property or harm people.

UPDATE: Due to news reports showing paint on the front of Ryan's home the day after the protest we updated this article to change the description of this protest from "peaceful" to "mostly peaceful." We have also posted some comments below explaining why damaging property during a mostly peaceful protest is not a good idea.

Dan Ryan is on KGW right now complaining about this. Called the protesters "selfish" and justified breaking his campaign promise to support Joann Hardesty's measure to defund the police by $18 million. He completely avoided the simple fact that even if all of his cited reasons for voting against the measure were true (they were not) nothing justified voting against a measure that he promised to vote for.

People do not need to throw balloons full of paint or otherwise damage property during a protest such as this to make their point. Just going to their home and picketing outside is enough to make your voice heard. You don't need to give your target ammunition by damaging property. They will just use that ammunition to discredit you. Damaging property causes far more harm to your reputation than it does the property owner.

Despite the apparent property damage we stand by our position that this was a mostly peaceful protest because most people there did nothing more than protest peacefully.

Mainstream media sources are accusing protesters of damaging property during this protest. They focused on what appears to be paint that is said to come from paint filled balloons hitting the exterior of the residence. We did not witness this in the video that we based our original article on. We did hear what sounded like glass breaking in the video, but we did not see anything breaking in the frame, so we concluded that it was probably a glass bottle behind the cameraman somewhere because at that moment the entire house can be seen on screen.

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