San Jose Officer William Gerry Arrested for Sex Assault by Extortion

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Former San Jose Code Enforcement Officer William Gerry was arrested yesterday for sexual assault by extortion. Gerry is accused of blackmailing local massage businesses for sexual favors and money with threats that their businesses would be shut down or raided by police if they did not pay him for protection. Gerry had the authority to grant or deny permits, but also claimed to have connections with the San Jose Police Department's vice squad. He is now in the Elmwood Men's Facility of the Santa Clara County Jail.

Gerry was previously charged in late September with one count of rape, three counts of oral copulation by force, seven counts of extortion, and three counts of soliciting bribes. In that case he is accused of extorting over $34,000 from a woman with claims that it was necessary for her business to maintain the proper permits that it needed to stay open. She said that he made her perform oral sex on him during several visits to her business and compelled her to have vaginal sex with him under the same duress. She said that Gerry would tell her when the SJPD vice unit planned to visit her business as part of an investigation into illegal sex work.

Other businesses have claimed losses of more than $63,000 under similar circumstances. At least one other woman has reported being compelled to provide Gerry with sexual favors under similar circumstances. He was a code enforcement officer from 2007-2019.

Public records contain the following information about Gerry:

William Robert Gerry

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Last Known Home Address:



Possible Email Addresses:




Voter Registration: Republican

We are displaying this information to warn people in areas where Gerry might go that they might have a sexual predator in their area. Gerry resigned in 2019 shortly before the city received a tort claim notice alleging sexual misconduct by him, so we think he was laying low in Texas for awhile after that. He is listed as co-owner of the above mentioned property.

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