PCSO Member Known for Predatory Behavior Cleared in Hannah Fizer Case

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A member of the Pettis County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) in Sedalia, Missouri known for predatory behavior has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the June 13 shooting death of Hannah Fizer and every other allegation of misconduct made against the PCSO since he joined the force in late 2017. This member does however remain a suspect in several disappearances involving allegations of animal cruelty. Those cases involve mostly birds, rodents, insects, and other small animals similar to those that he has a history of torturing and killing in the past.

Sherman joined the PCSO in November of 2017. He was officially adopted from a rescue shelter and was last reported living in the PCSO station. He was ruled out as a suspect in the Fizer case because as his photo shows he is a pussy cat. As a pussy cat he cannot lift let alone operate a firearm. He also does not have the culpable mental state necessary to be responsible for or complicit with silence in other cases where PCSO members have wrongfully arrested, assaulted, murdered, or otherwise harmed members of the community. We also are not aware of any allegations against Sherman whatsoever, but suggest that people remain vigilant around him to avoid being scratched and to take steps to protect any small pets they have that fit the profile of Sherman's victims.


Hannah Fizer was brutally murdered by an unknown PCSO deputy. Sheriff Kevin Bond refuses to name the deputy and only says that the deputy is a 13 year veteran on paid administrative leave. Despite the Missouri Highway Patrol saying that no gun was found in her car, the deputy remains a free man employed by the PCSO. We are waiting for the release of a surveillance video that allegedly shows the whole thing. MHP has yet to release the video but says it shows the deputy with his gun drawn and Hannah moving around her car. Nothing the MHP has said appears to justify the shooting at all.

We heard back from one local business that we asked about the video. Lemaire's Cajun Catfish & Seafood House said "no comment" when we asked if they were the business whose surveillance video was being used by MHP and if we could have a copy.

Social media feedback seems mixed so far.

We apologize if anyone is offended by this. If the family wants this taken down just Facebook message us and we will remove it or maybe rewrite it to be about why correctional facilities like police stations generally don't endanger animals by putting them places where they are likely to be subjected to pepper spray or anything else that could hurt a small animal.

We could totally see some guy being brought in for questioning, not like leaving in cuffs, and poor Sherman getting caught up in the melee.

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